After Exodus - A Visual Gameconcept

Stefan Greulich
14 Jun 2012
Color script, Earth
Color script, Mars
Character design, Earth
Earth start
Earth mid
Earth end
Character design, Mars
Mars start
Mars mid
Mars end
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After Exodus is a 3D puzzle-platformer in which you assume the role of a lineage of people who, through genetic mutation, are capable of transducing energy through their own bodies, augmented by technology. In 2067 the world is wracked by natural disasters, caused by humanitys rampant industrialization and disregard for sustainability. The human race is forced to abandon their home, and flee to Mars. With a brand new world of natural resources at their disposal, the vicious cycle continues. By alternately sabotaging the martian industrial complexes of the 1% in control of nearly all wealth and political power, and documenting Earths new evolution without humanity, You fight a 200 year long battle to disrupt the exploitation of humanitys new home, and usher in a new sustainable paradigm.