Tine Winther Rysgaard
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07 Jun 2011
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Totems is a project made in collaboration with Trine Kristoffersen for the competition "Innovating Sustainable Fashion".
The collection won the 2.nd price, "the design award", at the show which was held at Terminal 2 the 3rd of December 2009 in Copenhagen. The following morning we had the pleasure of showing the collection on national television - the show "Godmorgen Danmark".

"The Cactus, The Bear, and The Mountain" is an ecological knitwear collection inspired by youthful curiosity, taking visual cues from Indian culture.
The collection is part of the Totems initiative, thought as an innovative approach in a selfish world of consumption dominated by quantity. Apart from the knitwear collection, the project functions through the fashion totem blog, ( which inspires the blog user to support environmentally friendly consumption habits through information about sustainable fashion design as well as documentation of the process from idea to product of the collection The Catus, the Bear, and the Mountain.
The Totems project builds on the thought that ecological knitwear communicates quality and ethical awareness, but can at the same time express creativity through innovative, original design.
The totem pole is an important inspiration in the construction of the collection. The composite garments together creates a stronger message, but can also be used separately in a more individual expression, while preserving the essence of the message.

Photographer: Søren Malmose