Tobias Tøstesen
29 Oct 2011
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Public is a furniture platform concept made for the municipality of Kolding.

They wanted to get fresh ideas on furniture in the public spaces within Kolding Town - more specific the new rest areas along Kolding River.

Through my research I found that people have a very intuitive and dynamic behavior in the public. They give a lot to the space that they are in, but spaces can also define how people react and behave - this is the key stone in this project.

As you walk along the riverside in the New RIver Park, you will experience 6 furniture platforms. Every platform displays a new wayof combining 3 modules: 2 benches and 1 table.
The different combinations is planned to lead to new interpretations of how to react and behave around furniture in public spaces, and give each rest place a unique life.

Each module is made of 4 surfaces that rest on each other and assemble in the middle. In profile they are broad in the end facing the middle and they thin out where they are visible.
The 3 levels and the large surfaces make the furniture modules flexible regarding use. As an application the table comes with either
a barbeque- or activity box.