Shao Bike

Tobias Tøstesen
29 Oct 2011
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This project was realized in Shanghai, China.

in close collaboration with Tongji University and giant Chinese bike producer Forever Factory.

Going from copying to designing, China has grown in many ways. To see what we could learn and get a feeling of the development we went to visit a fresh started design department on the Tongji University, Shanghai to design bikes for EXPO 2010.
Working with the chinese students was both a challenging and amazing task. Cultural background, communication, aesthetics etc. - and actually make things work were some of the things we were confronted with during the five weeks we were there.

Shao Bike was one of the results - a purely handmade unisex wire bike build on Forever.

The design is inspired by suspension bridge architecture and the light construction, it’s simple lines and colors give it a very light feel.

The goal was to create a simple bike with innovative details contruction wise - but with a classic bike feel.