Ecco Shoes - Wild & Mild

Per Voss Nielsen
27 Nov 2013
The Wild
The Wild
The Mild
The Mild
A shoe from the collection
Video of the shoes
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The task was to create a wild and a mild shoe for Ecco together with a collection proposal. the wild shoe would be more of an art piece and the mild a more commercial shoe ready for the shops.

The wild shoe plays with a magic theme where heavy is carried
by light. The hairs hanging from the shoe touching the ground
present the illusion that the user and the heavy cubic shape
on top of the shoe are being carried. The heavy elements
emphasise angularity and roughness whereas the light
elements accentuate transparency, softness and the organic.

The mild shoe’s transparent sole is covered in
plastic threads that refer to the hair structure
of the wild shoe and contribute to the light look
of the shoe. The angular leather part with the
mildly cubic expression makes the upper part
heavy and counteracts the lightness.

The design team:
Nanna Fjord (Fasion design)
Ditte Grøngaard (Textile design)
Per Voss Nielsen (Industrial design)