Per Voss Nielsen
22 Jun 2015
Project LOGO
HUB UP / HUB DOWN - In context
HUB UP / HUB DOWN - Shaped for flexibility
HUB UP / HUB DOWN - Side view with bikes
HUB UP / HUB DOWN - Waiting for bikes
HUB UP / HUB DOWN - Ready to move
HUB UP / HUB DOWN - Ready to move
Model of user driven redistribution
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Redistribution solution aimed for the system of German marked leader Call A Bike.
Implemented in different German cities e.g. in Hamburg as StadtRAD Hamburg.
The system is working in collaboration with Deutsche Bahn to support multi modal transportation.

The hub can carry 4 bikes and is moved by attaching a normal sharing bike in front of it.

On the hub, there are 4 front wheel support racks and 4 locking cables.
You simply drive your bike onto the platform, into the rack and lock the bike with the locking cable.
The hub allows you to take the bike of your choice. Should a bike be damaged it won’t stand in the way.

The hub is shaped to allow placement in an unlimited number of patterns.
This gives a truly flexible solution, that easily can be fitted to the destination layout.

The redistribution can be done either by hired personel or as user driven redistribution where users can earn free rides.