Plug-it - Water Consumption Monitor

Per Voss Nielsen
26 Nov 2013
Picture, front
Picture, side
Production drawing
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The task was to design a way of visualizing water consumption in collaboration with Grundfos.

Plug-it is a water consumption monitor. The inspiration for the design of Plug-it is based on the childhood memories of pulling the stopper out of the sink or bathtub and seeing the collected water going out the drain. This analogy helps to provide an intuitive interface comprising three displays and the stopper in the middle. When you plug the “drain” with the stopper, the ongoing water consumption appears in the upper display, counting from 0.0 liters and up. When pulling out the stopper, the upper display is reset and the collected water amount is transferred to the consumption display at the bottom left. For comparison a display at the bottom right shows a consumption limit, that is user definable.

Plug-it is designed to be mounted on the wall in a bathroom, but could be placed in any other room. The shape is inspired by the form language of the bathroom sink, toilet and bathtub. The intention with the triangular shape is to get Plug-it to stand out clearly from the other shapes in the bathroom. The organic curves and surfaces are designed with the intention of obtaining a shape which relates to the shapes of other bathroom utilities.