Second Skin for 100 Dancers project

Zeynep Sen
08 Dec 2011
Footage was shot during "100 dancers", a 2011 Copenhagen dance event. The dancers are experimenting
The process and summary of the project
Prototype Testing 2
Prototype Testing 1
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Second Skin is an interactive costume designed especially for Metropolis Festival that took place in 2011 in Copenhagen.
The costume was designed by;

Delphine Piault ( )
Coline Fontaine ( )
Marlene Fischer
Nina Wester
and myself in collaboration with Studio Diffus ( ) for Live Art Installations (

The LEDs embedded in between two layers of fabric and special effects silicone react to the dancers’ speed, altitude and rotation with the help of sensors that are also embedded in the costume.

The programming and the Arduino workshop done by David Sjunnesson ( )

More detailed info: