Fra Fiber til Form

Astrid Tolnov Larsen
25 May 2017
Fiber Issue - Stool
Fiber Issue - Stool
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The project started with an intention of developing a new material, which was to utilize textile in a different and a not-seen-before way in furniture design.
The material consist of 50% white and blue cotton fibers (100% recycled fibers) and 50% polyester Bico-fibers (50% recycled fibers). The fibers are mixed with water and then dried and shaped in to airy mats. The airy mats are then shaped under great heat and pressure, in a self-developed molding tool. The final stool achieves a visually interesting and textile appearance and great durability and strength properties.
The stools conical shape and concave embossings are to refer to the the classic tree-legged stool. This applies statical strength to the stool and underlines the objects function as a piece of furniture.
The stool measures 43x34cm and weighs 2,8kg.