27 Oct 2014
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The assignment was to design a functional chair for a specific situation. I worked with a dining chair for a cafeteria or a dining area. I wanted to create a chair that would help the user to sit in an upright position while eating at a table. In addition, I wanted the opportunity to hang the chair at the edge of the table to make it easier to clean under that table.
The chair was to be solved from idea to a crafted 1:1 prototype in one week.
The chair design has a very low backrest that encourages the user to sit in an upright position. The armrests are the same hight as the back and allows the user to rest his arms. The armrests also work as support when the user wants to get up from the chair.
From the side, the chair has many cone shaped forms that create a strong looking construction, because the shape of the cones are pointing upward to the area where you are to sit and rest your arms.
From the front, the chair is square with a material thickness of 25 mm all over. The sides are also straight so that the chairs can be put closely side by side.