Ellinor Ericsson


Ellinor Ericsson
Kunstakademiets Designskole


Ellinor Ericsson, born 1987 in Sweden, Bachelor and master from furniture and textile design at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, background in scenography and exhibition design from 3 year education in Media and internships and 2 years in art school graphic/textile/ceramics at Östra grevie, sweden.
Textiles is the inspiration and often the starting point of her furniture. To create a piece of furniture without fabric is almost unthinkable.
Ellinor also make interior accessories and textile patterns. Handicraft and to work with the material is a big part of the process when her design is created.
Ellinor always thought that she should be a scenographer, but changed her mind when she wanted to make something that was on stage for a longer time, like in everyday life.

”I look at my design as a scenography,
the things I make is to interact with,
the play is your everyday life
and your home your stage.”

Check Out my website! www.ellinorericsson.com