In Our Nature

Ellinor Ericsson
06 Aug 2014
Smock blanket in wool
Pleated wool blanket
wool carpet yarn tecnique
cotton blanket and two attached pillows
Smock blanket draped over the furniture
Pleated blanket
Pleated blanket draped on furniture
The Brick table with textile wool construction
Wool carpet/blanket
Cotton blanket and pillows
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Furnitures is a part of our way of living and shows our behavior, we furnish our lives with them and live in-between them.
But what is our natural behavior? In a digital world were contrasts speaks up between the industry and craft, urban city and the country I wanted to experiment with the haptic experience to be in a furniture and an environment.
A textile environment, like nature where it is not pre-predicted how to act or sit. An environment, that changes, grows and adapts after you the day you decide to settle down, to build a home.

As the text above describes I was inspired by the free way we act in nature and the changed way we started to act with furniture as the tecnology got mobile. We today can take our laptop from our office and work home in bed or laying down in the couch working. The space between private life and work is erased and as we don´t differ our actions between the office chair and the bed we need a new way of using furnitures.

I have created a furniture space were you can interact with different textile structures and objects to create different settings for your everyday life and activities. This makes you differ from what you are doing; working/drinking coffe with a friend/ cuddling with your kids/ or just relaxing and makes you more present. The different textiles stimulates your senses, both by the structure, material and the heavy weight.

This is a heavy furniture in contrast to the mobile and the nomad trend. I believe we need a stable place a point to come back to when we travel a lot and everything is mobile around us. A place we call a home.

The heavyness in the textiles also have a function as the weight make you slow down and you feel cuddled and safe with a heavy blanket on top of you.

The final project is a square furniture construction in size 130x130cm in oak wood with a braided seat in cotton, the furniture has two low armrests/back that you can lean on.
The textile collection consists of ;

Three blankets; a pleated wool blanket witch can be draped over the furniture and be on top of you, a wool smock blanket with can be draped around you and also work as a soft madrass, the third blanket in cotton makes the furniture space bigger as the square shape goes down on the floor.

A carpet; in wool yarn from a special tecnique I learnt from my grandfather (read more in the attached repport).

Five pillows; With arms that makes them able to connect to eatchother and make different constructions in the furniture or just to sit on when you have many guests in your home or just hug and cuddel with when you are alone. One side of the pillow is in cotton and the other side in wool.

A table; a very special one, with a textile construction of technical wool. This table defines the function of the furniture as the furniture is square and has erased the space for the classical "couch table". This table wants to be together with you in the furniture or down on the carpet on the floor. It interacts with you and it stimulates your senses when you move it around and get your fingers in the wool construction. It also has a comfortable height of 10cm when you have it in between you and your friend drinking tea together or in your knee while reading.

It is a lot to tell about my master project, the designprocess, the experiments with the textile structures and the handicraft, and the yarn technique my grandfather thought me. But all this you can read more about in my attached report and if you cannot read swedish don´t hesitate to contact me and ask a lot of questions as I will happily answer.

Thank you for your attention and please leave a comment,

Kind regards
Ellinor Ericsson