20-20 : Adaptable Audio/Video-Devices

Emil Thomsen Schmidt
24 Jun 2013
The projector is angled 5 degrees upwards, and can be raised an additional 5 degrees.
The gradient grid in the protective grill on the speaker resembles the cooling holes in the projector.
The speaker can be used in "Omni" or "Directional" position. The first throws the sound up and into the room for a room-filling sound, and the latter directs the sound towards the listener like a regular loudspeaker.
The two devices can be combined to create a third device suited for watching movies. The projector beams video in a 15 degree angle towards a surface, while the speaker sends audio in the other direction, towards the user.
The handle affords easy carrying of the speaker.
Music and movies are streamed from any computer device through Bluetooth for a wireless experience anytime, anywhere.
The two devices can be used separately...
... or combined anywhere.
The interface of the devices is simple because the navigation of the complex content is handled by a computer device, such as a smartphone, a table, or a laptop.
Both devices feature the same buttons for an intuitive interaction.
Three feet can be extended from the bottom for adjusting the projector to uneven surfaces.
The charging cable is in the dedicated compartment next to the battery, always ready to charge either device.
Both devices come in three versions: A light, a dark, and a monocolored.
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The world of audio-visual entertainment has changed in recent years. Earlier, the content was placed on physical media like CDs and DVDs, but now millions of songs and movies are available on the internet via various streaming services. Along with the widespread use of internet enabled computer devices like laptops and smartphones, everything is available all the time. Despite this fact, many products for audio/video content are still very conservatively designed.

This project embraces the possibilities in the combination of the streaming services and the computer devices. A speaker and a projector designed to expand the audio/ visual experience accessible via a smartphone or tablet, while being mobile like the content itself, and adaptable to the user’s demands.
The two battery-powered devices can be used separately in various positions, or combined to form a third device for easy movie-viewing. Either way ease of use is in focus because the complex navigation of the internet based content is handled by the user’s smartphone or laptop and then send by Bluetooth to the speaker and projector to deliver and expand the music and video content.

Check http://emsch.dk/2020 to see the devices in 3D.