// E i K // A dinning table for 8 persons

Jesper Su Rosenmeier
14 Feb 2012
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This projekt was a part of the FSC DESIGN AWARD 2012 and a experiment with the traditional way to assemble a dining table

The table is assembled as a "knock down" ie. without glue and screws. Therefore can it be packed flat for transportation, and easily assembled by only a few dowels which locks the legs and apron. The leather laces tie legs and apron tightly together, thus creating a strong focal point.

The furniture consists of oak and leather and is therefore of local materials, ie. materials which can be found here in the north. This and the possibility of flat packing makes the table more environmentally conscious.

"Eik" is based on the simple idea of going into the woods and gather 8 wooden sticks and tie them together, and how you can create simplicity over your furniture. - it is not always perfectly straight, but it does not matter, because it's about being impulsive and immediately.