Malthe Emil Kibsgaard
18 Nov 2013
Concept art for the basement party level
The twitter game
The facebook game
The option wheel
The avatar you can customize
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My project began as an idea for how to show how much a smartphone affects our everyday life and social life, I took communication as a design very literally and thought how modern man communicates, and it is beginning to be a normal trend to have facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. It is a global epidemic, which in my opinion should be taken seriously when I saw myself in to check my phone 5-10 times over half an hour, without any real reason for it. I quickly noticed that I am not the only one out there, if you take a walk on the street / cafe / party. it's completely normal to be buried in your phone. People in cars and on their bikes are driving while they have their iPhone right infront of them, and it is life threatening to like Ricky Martin on facebook.

The main goal of the game is to be a dick in the physical world, and the player must survive in wi-fi zones which randomely changes position when playing, the player needs to be online constantly and continually update their facebook and take pictures so you can upload them, here comes the irony and show how we no longer have control over cyberspace, but we subconsciously are slaves of it.

More info on the game soon.. Hope it can be realized.