Michael Christian Madsen
28 Jan 2015
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“Packaging design for a gel, that when used, freezes down the body for 230 years, so that the user can continue his/her life in a distant future.”

83950 is the amount of days, in 230 years.

The concept behind the gel:
One or two people are chosen each year, to be given this product, so they can wake up in 230 years, and help rebuild the society.

The concept behind the packaging:
The idea behind the packaging, is to create a very specific, dark and serious atmosphere and to place the user in this mood.
The packaging is presenting the user to his/her reality for the next 230 years: the user is going to be in complete stillness, and everything surrounding him/her will continue to be in movement. Loved ones will grow old and die, and everything the user used to know will keep on changing.

The key phrase behind the design is “Slow Time Travel”, and from this I have worked with the idea of “Stillness contra Movement”, with the feeling of “Time” and “Grandness” having a major role in the finished design.

The final design measures 54x54cm. when folded out.