PineStack - A Stacking toy

Michael Knap
05 Jul 2012
The four characters add an element of role play to the game. It is possible to combine them with the stacking or play with them separately.

The four characters are references to animals that live on, or near a pine tree. The figurines represent animals that for the child is easy to recognize.
The toy is made so it teaches the child about the animals, each of them have got a name and a story that in a childish way tells about how that animal lives.
Each character has a build in magnet in the bottom which either attracts or repels when you try to stack it on the tree.
When the tree is put away, are the animals resting in the center of the tree, waiting for next time you want to play with them.
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PineStack is a redesign of a classic stacking tower. It challenges the child development on several levels and strengthens fine motor skills, gross motor skills and the child’s ability to distinguish color and details.

The target group is children aged 18 to 36 months old.

Pine stacks graphical aesthetics is simple, naive and childish which speaks to the children on their level. Color and graphic combined creates a feeling that appeals both to boys and girls. The colors on the tree is referencing to the colors that will appear through the four seasons on the pine trees.
The three basic hatchings combined create a family of graphic transformations. The expression is inspired of the needles and branches on a pine tree.

Pine stack is a toy designed to create
meaningful activities for children. The toy has a focus on nature, so as the child plays, it also learns about positive values, ethics and morals. My toys are designed to have a sustainable stance, both in terms of
materials and in the quality of the making, they are toys to keep and pass on to the next generation.