Rework - MA project 2011

01 Jul 2011
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I have always had a humorous approach to my projects.
I love to experiment with the imbalance that emerges from taking elements out of their context – not necessarily substantial changes, but small details that create surprise or bring a smile to the lips and thereby give existing things new originality.
My graduation project is built around Africa as aesthetic topos – a subjective abstraction of the forms and functions of the Africans' expression. I have been especially drawn to pictures of Africa that show the people's way of giving salvaged and pre-existing things new life and new function - well aware that most Africans do it more out of necessity than curiosity, and are perhaps unaware of the creativity in their action. It is about how those with small means alter an article or an expression in a way that creates something new – a direct reflection of the ’coolness’ we often attribute to the individual and eccentric characteristics of a trendy person in the west.
The expression is in no way intended to be perceived as recycling. It is a fashionable expression with a twist of redefinitions and amusing solutions in keeping with my inspiration. I have sought to frame a direct and graphic expression that employs alternative solutions in a simple manner. For example, ”3D-print” made out of salvaged materials and various locking devices that in keeping with my mental topos show how primitive solutions can function aesthetically. There emerges immediacy and a poetic primitiveness that attract me, as if my African topos has functioned as a visual “buffet”. It is not a concrete, geographical and political Africa in the global sense that has defined the parameters of the project, but Africa as mental image.