Bigger the better

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Bigger the better

*** First off in my mind

We went to the almost every day for about six months before I got to see my man naked and he had a beautiful cock, soft yet, we had talked and had a few drinks after our workout. One day he told me his wife was out of town and had to hurry home to take care of the animal, dogs and cat. He asked if I wanted to go over and we could have a drink there.

I jumped at the chance to go over with him. I didn't expect anything to happen that day but we had fun. We didn't shower before we left the gym and when we got to his house he opened aa beer and told me to sit and relax while he took care of the animals. I told him I would go out with him if it was ok and he said cum on let's go well he had a femal dog in heat and the male was folloing her around and wanted to hump her but she wasn't ready for him yet, but as soon as we went out to feed them she just relaxed and he mounted her and he said it looks like he is going to have fun. That was it and took care of all the animals and went in, that is when he told me I am bi and hope you don't mind, my wife and I or both bi and we enjoy other folks compnay from time to time.

We went in the living room and he had the vcr etc set up with a man to man tape and he said I hope you don't mind I like watching these when I am back from the gym I didn't mind at all. He point to the sofa and said make yourself comfy and I did, he went out and came back in with a towel xnxxv sunny leone video rapped around him and sat really clost to me and our legs touch and I felt my cock starting to get hard and he said get comfy take your clothes off and I did and he saw I had a nice hard on. Well that is all it took, I told him I like the looks of his cock and would love to see it hard and maybe get it. He said are you bi and I said yes , well next thing I knew started with my toes and sucked on them for a while and worked up to my cock and went right around it to my navel and up to my tits and sucked on them and moved up to the lips and fucked me with his tongue and I was having the time of the life. I reached over and got a hold of his cock and I was hoping he would work a little faster, but he took his time and his cock was so big and , I didn't think I could take it but. we play and finally said I think we need to take care of this ok.

He got up grease his cock and had me bend over on the sofa kneeling on the floor and said this may hurt a little but I will take my time, I was ready. He greased in and around my ass and around the head of his cock, slowly put that fucking monster up to my ass and said , just hold on honey it will not take long to get it in, and he slapped my ass and pushed the head and about 3 inches of his cock in me, it hurt and he let it stay there for a few seconds and told me here it cums and he went in all the way and in about real forced anal against her will three minutes I was cuming and it was one of the biggest load I have had in a long time and just as I was cuming he came and pushed his cock in and the juices cam out of my ass and ran down my legs he pulled out and licked my cock and took the rest of the cum from me.

We became the best of fuck buddies, his wife used to have things ready for us when h e would call and tell her we are on the way, she watched a lot of times. She was so pleased that her man found someone to fuck him and enjoy it. We are planning a bigger group for sex in the near future/ stay tuned!