The Convict

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The Convict

Part 1

She was supposed to be guarding him; those were the words Sarah Andersen repeated in her mind over and over again. Sarah couldn?t keep her eyes off him, laying on the cot looking cool and collected like he wasn?t going to /jail/">jail for 10 years of his life. She wanted to know what it would be like to run her tongue down every part of his muscular body. 

?Do you want anything, coffee, soda?? Sarah asked nervously.

?No,? came the calm reply.

Sarah lift her gaze towards him taking in xxx his hard thighs, abs, and arms bulging in his white cotton t-shirt and wash-worn blue jeans. God he was sexy, so sexy she thought might drool if he every looked directly at her. Abruptly she he sat up and raised his head to look directly at her. Sarah sucked in a breath and took in the handsome face that stared at her. Blue-black hair /hung/">hung long to porn videos download his shoulders, he had blue eyes like sapphires, square jaw and full lips that were made for kissing, sucking Oh God. His tongue peaked out as he licked his lips, and gave her a small smile, telling her he knew what she was thinking.

?Come here,? He said softly.

?Wh-at?? Sarah stammered.

?Come here,? He repeated.

Sarah walked slowly towards the steel age cage he was behind and for the first in the 2 years she joined NAWP police squad, she felt /scared/">scared. Her heart was beating hard as she finally stop in front of the cell, raising her hands to touch the cold steel of the bars.

?Is the something you wanted?? She asked, surprisingly her voice didn?t shake.

?Yeah, I want to me at home in bed but that?s not going to happen, what?s your name?? he asked.

?Sarah,? she replied automatically. 

?Pretty name, I?m Cameran,? he replied.

?I know,? Sarah said. 
Cameran looked closely at the woman standing before. She was nervous but trying really hard to hide it but he could tell but the was she kept clenching and unclenching her fingers. She was small, about 5?3 one front shorter than his 6?3. She had light brown hair and eyes, a heart shaped face, and pouty pink lips. From what he could tell through her blue, white, and black uniform, she had a nice body--small waist, full high breasts, and a shapely behind. She must be nervous because he was turned on but a convicted fellow. She turned all right; he was desire in her eyes when looked at him. I wonder if she?s disgusted by the thought of fucking a killer, he thought with a bitter smile on his face. What she didn?t know he was going to get acquitted tomorrow instead of going to jail, his lawyer found evidence that proved he didn?t try to kill his ex-wife.

?What are you doing working as a cop Sarah?? Cameran asked.

?I like my job,? Sarah replied getting defensive.

?But why aren?t you out trying to get married or trying to get fucked?? he asked meanly.

?Excuse me!? Sarah gasped.

?You heard me,? Cameran replied.

?I don?t like your language and my life is non of your business,? She replied in a nasty tone.

?Ah so you one of those women,? he stated.

?What kind of women?? she asked.

?The ones that hid behind their proper exterior because their afraid people will see that they like dirty talk, getting fucked, licked, sucked.? He replied.

?I?m not,? she said.

?Huh huh, then why are nipples harder than pebbles? he asked, looking at he nipples poking through her shirt. ?And why is your /pussy/wet-pussy/pussy-getting-wet/">pussy getting wet??

Cameran watched the blood drain out of her pretty face as she started to slowly back away, shaking her head. He got up off the cot and walked straight towards her stopping right in front her, knowing that without doubt he would fuck her, here now. 

?My dick getting hard just thinking about you dripping wet under your panties.? He said. 

Her eyes dropped to his fly where his cock bulged at zipper demanding to be let out. He shifted his stance trying to find ease. Soon, he thought.

?Don?t talk to me like that,? Sarah said loudly.

?Why? Because you like it?? He asked.

Sarah couldn?t believe he was saying these things to her. It was like he was in her head, reading her thoughts.

?No, it?s not right,? she replied softy.

He reached threw the bars touching her cheek softly. His fingers were rough and make her skin tingle. 

?Why?? he asked, while trailing his fingers to her collarbone.

?It?s hard to think when you?re doing that,? Sarah gasped as his fingers brushed her nipple.

?I have something hard for you,? he said. He took her hand and pulled it to his fly.

Sarah stopped breathing as she touched him through the coarse denim. His penis was hard as an iron poker under her fingers. She cupped him and squeezed him, loving when he hissed in breath. She wanted to feel his cock in her hand pulsing, hot, hard, wanting. Without thought she grew his zipper down revealing curly black hair and his penis.