The Pink Flowered Panties

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Pink Flowered Panties

I was in an apartment laundry room when I saw them for the /first-time/">first time. And my cock went as hard as a rock. Ive seen a lot of /hot/hot-girls/">hot girls. Ive seen a lot of girls that wore some very sexy things and that showed off a lot of skin. However, the girl that I saw on that Friday evening was one that I would never forget. The girl with the pink flowered panties.

I was putting my clothes in a washing machine when the girl walked into the room. I didnt know her name or who she was. All I knew was that she was beautiful.

The girl was about 18 or 19 years old. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. She had flip-flops on and was wearing a pink tank top and a tiny dark blue miniskirt.

The girl walked over to a nearby washing machine and pulled her soaked clothes out of it. Then she walked over to a dryer and placed her clothes into it. Suddenly, a piece of clothing slipped out of the dryer and fell onto the floor.

The girl bent over to pick up a sweatshirt that she had dropped. As she leaned forward, the miniskirt that she was wearing crawled up her long legs. I gazed at her upon instinct and gasped when I saw the thin cotton panties that were underneath that tiny miniskirt.

The girls panties were white with purple lace and did little to hide the ass that was underneath them. However, the thing that stuck out the most about her panties was those little pink flowers. They were scattered across her panties. A line of bright pink flowers covered the area where her pussy was.

The moment was short lived as the girl grabbed her sweatshirt, stood up, and tossed the wet piece of clothing into the dryer. She closed the dryer door, inserted a few quarters into the coin slot, turned the heat for the dryer on, and prepared to depart.

The girl smiled at me as she walked out of the laundry room. On instinct, I decided to follow her. I pushed my quarters into the coin slot for the washing machine, turned it on, and raced out of the laundry room. I was very eager to see more of this girl and even more of those pink flowered panties.

I followed the girl outside, determined not to lose sight of her. I pulled a miniature camera out of my right jeans pocket, turned it on, and held it in my right hand.

Suddenly, a strong wind gust blew past me. The girl screamed as the wind blew her miniskirt up into the air and exposed her pink flowered panties. I quickly raised my camera and snapped a picture of her.

The girl spun around to face me. I quickly ducked behind the bushes, hoping beyond all hope that she didnt see me.

A few seconds passed, as I remained hidden behind the bushes. Did she spot me?

"Weird," I heard the girl murmur.

I silently pocketed my camera as I climbed slowly to my feet. The girl was quickly walking down the sidewalk. She was holding her miniskirt down so that it wouldnt blow up into the air again.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. She didnt see me.

I followed the girl all the way to her apartment room. She lived in Apt #895 in Room #102.

Fortunately, a view of her apartment room was accessible through an outside window. The blinds were open, and I could see into her bedroom.

The girl lay down on her bed. Much to my /surprise/">surprise, the girl pulled her miniskirt up and stared at the panties that she was wearing. Then she lowered her right hand underneath her panties.

I was stunned. She was masturbating. The girls moaning grew progressively louder as she played with the pussy that was buried underneath those pink flowered panties.

My cock went fully erect, and it took everything that I had not to masturbate along with her.

I hit the RECORD button on my /camera/video-camera/">video camera and began to film her as she pleasured herself.

For the next few minutes, I watched the girl satisfy herself. She screamed, and I could tell that she had made herself orgasm. Damn, that was hot! That was really, really hot!

The girl pulled her fingers out of her panties and raised them up to her mouth. She slowly drank the fluid and juices that had been absorbed by her fingers. Her panties were now moist, and I could see her pussy in its entirety underneath those pink flowered panties.

Suddenly, she looked up towards her window blinds. Shit! She saw me!

I grabbed my video camera, jumped to my feet, turned around, and ran away!

I dashed into my apartment room, closed the door, and locked it. I deeply hoped that the girl did not see my face or at the very least recognize who I was.

I set my video camera down on my desk table and prepared to watch the footage.

I hit the REWIND button on my video camera, making sure that I went all the way back to the beginning. I watched the footage on my camera as I relived my entire voyeuristic experience.

As I watched the movie, I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock. I began to touch it, stroking it as hard and quickly as I possibly could.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door. It was probably the landlord. Complaining again because I didnt get my last rent check paid on time.

I shut the camera off, pulled my pants up, walked over to my apartment door, and looked through the peephole. Unfortunately, it wasnt my landlord. It was the girl. The girl that wore those pink flowered panties.

Fuck! She had found me! Now what?

There was no other way for me to get out. I reluctantly opened the door to my apartment.

"Hi, Im Jessica," she said.

"Good to meet you," I remarked.

"My bathroom isnt working," she explained. "Is it okay if I use yours instead?"

I nodded, and Jessica entered my apartment. She walked into the living room.

"Would you... would you like anything to drink?" I suggested.

"Sure," she said. "Water should be fine."

I walked over to the sink, grabbed a cup, turned the faucet on, and poured water into the cup. I didnt know how I was going to get out of this mess. Right now, all I could do was hope for the best.

I walked into the living room with the cup of water. Much to my horror, Jessica was on my couch, and she had turned on my video camera. She showed me the video of her masturbating.

"So... this is what youve been up to, huh?" she asked.

"Look, I can explain..."

"You dont have to," Jessica remarked. "I noticed you looking at my panties back in the laundry room. They sure are /cute/">cute, arent they?"

"Yes, they are," I admitted. "But..."

I hesitated. I didnt know if I should tell her what was on my mind. But I had already been busted. So why the hell not?

"But they look even cuter when a /cute/cute-girl/">cute girl like you is wearing them," I remarked.

"You think Im cute?" Jessica asked.

"If I didnt, I wouldnt have filmed you in the first place," I admitted.

"Well, I think you deserve a better view," she replied. "An up close and indian santali xvideo personal view."

At that moment, Jessica lifted her miniskirt up and spread her legs, allowing me to stare at her crotch and those pink flowered panties that separated me from her pussy.

"You want to see whats underneath these little panties?" she asked. "Youve been ogling it all day. So I think you should have a look under here. And then show me alain lyle porn what you want to do with it."

She patted her crotch as she raised her legs up into the air and motioned for me to make a move.

I quickly moved over to Jessica and grabbed those pink flowered panties. With a smile, I pulled her panties up and off of her legs. I raised the panties up to my face and inhaled the scent and fluids that were in them. They smelled delicious. And that made tasting Jessica even more essential.

I grabbed my camera and took a picture of Jessicas pantyless crotch. Her pussy was pink and shaven, and her lips were already quite moist.

I took Jessicas panties and wrapped them around her eyes, creating a makeshift blindfold.

"Dont worry," I said. "You wont need to see what Im about to do to you next."

I lowered my mouth towards Jessicas cooch. I stretched her pussy lips with my fingers, opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out, and made out with her twat. Jessica moaned loudly as I ate her out.

I pressed my tongue into her pussy as I pushed it against the most sensitive spot on her body.

Jessica screamed as I devoured her pussy with my lips and tongue.

I slowly inserted the fingers on my right hand into Jessicas pussy and began to push them in and out of her. I was determined to make this girl cum.

I pressed my tongue against Jessicas clitoris, moving it around as I satisfied her pleasure center. As Jessica moaned, I picked up the pace, determined to give her as much pleasure as I possibly could. Eventually, I hit her G-spot and helped her reach her /climax/">climax.

Jessica screamed as cum gushed out of her pussy and onto my apartment floor. She breathed heavily as she attempted to recover from the mind-blowing orgasm that I had just given her.