The Cleaning Lady

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The Cleaning Lady

I was supposed to start my freshman year of /college/">college, but due to circumstances, money and my Mom was pretty sick, I postponed it until the following year. I was looking for work that I could do under the table so that I wouldnt have to pay any income tax on it and it would be all free and clear. I was a five foot two redhead, who for some reason, people seemed to trust on face value and I thought cleaning houses was a job I could do under the table, without a problem. I put out some fliers and that same afternoon, I got a response from a lady who lived around the corner and went to talk to her. She had two kids in school, was very active in the school PTA, along with being quite disorganized from what I saw of the house. Not dirty, just stuff, /toys/">toys etc. laying everywhere. We agreed on a price, I was going to work two to three days a week for her and started right then, organizing the household. For the most part it was a pretty easy job, they were a very clean family, except for the fact the kids hated to put anything back. After a couple of days there, I started doing the family wash, for lack of something better to do and when I was putting away the lady of the house clothes, her name is Elaine, I made a very interesting discovery. I was rearranging her /underwear/">underwear drawer, took every thing out to find at the back of the drawer, a strap-on cock.

It was about seven inches long and looked like the real thing, veins, color and all and as i was staring at it, Elaine walked into the room. When she saw what I had, she turned beet red and was totally speechless, allowing me to ask the question, ?Who uses this?? She stammered for a second and in a voice so soft I almost couldnt hear her, said, ?My husband is very small and sometimes I can get him to use it on me?. I asked her if his cock could fit inside the thing and she nodded yes and the thought hit that this poor sucker, must have a small /cock/boys-cock/">boys cock. Now I have been sexually active since I was fourteen, when my brothers friend had me in our garage and on one or two other occasions, wondered what it would be like to have a cock and fuck somebody with it. On this basis, it wasnt a big leap for me to tell her that I would be glad to use it on her, if she would like. I could see the wheels going around in her pretty little head and finally she said that nobody could ever find out, especially her husband and I had to promise, which I did readily. She was a little shy about getting undressed for me, so I let her keep her top on, KY jellied the stiff prick up, got between her legs and very slowly, pushed it into her steaming pussy. 

She was laying there, panting like a race horse, moaning loud, when it hit me how fast this lady had come into heat. All she had to see, was me lubing the cock and she off and running, so I started fucking her with long slow strokes, building up the momentum as I kept fucking her. Her head was rolling from side to side as she moaned over and over, ?/fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder, fuck me harder? and since I was really enjoying the hell out of myself, throwing the meat to her, as the saying goes, I obliged. I pushed her legs back over her head, holding her by the ankles and started pounding her hot little pussy as hard and fast as I could. She was screaming now, ?Im cumming, oh, Im cumming?, over and over as the cum poured out of her pussy. I could feel it covering my pussy hair, my legs and the bed as she came like a broken fire hydrant going off. I kept pounding her for a good forty five minutes, because I loved the feeling of domination and I liked the faces she made, until she kind of passed out. I had never seriously entertained being with another woman, but for some odd reason, I really wanted to see Elaines tits, so I left my ?cock? in her until she was totally awake. When she was back, I told her to take off her top and bra, she kind of gave me an odd look, so I pushed into her hard and said, ?Now /bitch/">bitch, now?

She couldnt get out of her top and bra fast enough then and when she was naked from top to bottom, I was ready to see how she would respond to my orders, as I now had her pegged as a subservient lady. She had /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits, large light brown aerola and nipples, the kind men like to suck on, so I told her to push them up with her hands and show them off for me. She lay there looking at me, so I pushed the cock into her hard again, she grabbed her tits and pushed them up for me. I said, ?Thats much better bitch?, grabbed both her nipples, pulling and twisting them, making her moan loud for me. It was close to the time for the kids to be coming home, so I made her suck my ?cock? clean and told her that when I got there tomorrow, I wanted her to be in her sexiest bra and panties. I got there the next morning, right after the kids left for school, so we could have the whole day together. Elaine had on a low cut black bra with matching panties and she really looked hot and when I told her how hot she looked, she blushed. I turned her around, smacked her on the ass, which made her squeal a little and said to her, ?upstairs wench, daddy wants a piece of ass? to which she squealed again and was moving like the wind to get up the steps.

I took my clothes off, while Elaine watched like a hawk, was wondering just how far I could make her go and told her to come put the strap-on, on me. She came right over, I told her to rub my pussy before she put the strap-on, on, she looked at me with wide eyes and said she had never touched another womans privates before. I slapped her on the ass, telling her she was going to do a lot of things she never did before, now rub my fucking pussy. Now she is about six inched taller then me, so she had to bend down a little to work my cunt, which put her mouth on a level with mine, so I figured, what the hell, lets get kinky and kissed her. She froze for a minute, then started kissing me back and I knew right then, she would do whatever I said. When we broke the kiss, my pussy was in flames, but I managed to tell her, that whenever she plays with my pussy, she has to kiss me too and asked her if she understood. She nodded yes, but I was in a mood, so I told to say, ?Yes daddy? when she answered me and white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie she looked me in the eye and said, ?Yes daddy?, I said /good/good-girl/">good girl, as I came all over her hand. I told her to strip for me now, get on the bed on all fours, because I wanted a piece of ass now, her ass. She took her undies off, putting on a nice show while doing it, got on the bed, on all fours and said, ?Im ready to be fucked daddy?.

I got on the bed, rubbed my ?cock? over her pussy to get it wet and then drove it all the way home, making her gasp and moan at the same time. I was fucking her for all I was worth and she was moaning, ?Oh, fuck yes daddy, /dad/dad-fuck/fuck-me-daddy/">fuck me daddy, fuck me?, while shooting cum out of her cunt like I struck oil. Then I smacked her ass and told her to show me what a good little /whore/">whore she was, which sent her right over the edge. She screamed something, was pumping her ass back into me like a fright train gone mad, so I smacked her again, telling her she was a /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock sucker, who was born to be my piece of ass. Her whole body was bouncing around now, she was yelling something, but I couldnt understand what she was saying and then she collapsed on the bed with cum squirting out of her pussy again. I couldnt believe one woman had so much cum in her, my pussy was soaking wet from her cum, her legs were soaked and the bed looked like somebody pissed on it. When she was coherent again, she told me I was a dream come true for her, that she had been waiting all her life for somebody to abuse her while they were fucking her and she had never had an orgasm even close to the ones I was giving her. It dawned on me too, that she was just what I wanted, a person I could make do whatever I wanted sexually.

But now, my pussy needed taking care of and I really wanted to see if I could get her to eat me, so I told her it was time to eat me now. I knew she would probably balk at first, which she did, but I was ready, I grabbed her by the hair and put her over my lap. I slapped her bare ass with my bare hand, hard and she yelled, so I told her, if she didnt eat my pussy, I was going to spank her so hard, she wouldnt be able to sit for a week. She responded by asking me too not make her eat my pussy, so I started spanking her hard, making her cry, then I asked if she was ready to eat my cunt and of course she said no. We kept this up for about seven or eight minutes, her ass was so red, I knew she was going to have trouble sitting and then she begged me to stop, saying she would eat my pussy. I made her get between my legs, she was a little awkward, so I led her through it. I made her /kissing/kissing-pussy/kiss-my-pussy/">kiss my pussy all over, then lick it all over, lick my clit and then stick her tongue in my hole. When she buried her tongue in my hole, I shot a huge load of /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy juice right into her mouth and my little bitch lapped it all up. I made her eat my hot little pussy, until I came in her mouth, four times and the last two times, I knew she was really enjoying her self, because it was degrading to her.

I made her lick the strap-on clean, get a wash cloth and clean my pussy for me, then I put her back over my knee, rubbed lotion on her ass and told her if she was a good girl, this wouldnt happen, but we both knew it was going to happen again. Her husband had no idea what he was missing, she loves to be degraded and taken advantage of and in a few short weeks, my bitch would do anything I told her to. I piss on her regularly, usually sitting in her lap and we found this out one time when we were out and I had to pee, but there wasnt a toilet available, so I sat on her lap, pissed and made her lick my ass clean. She loved doing it so much, like I said, its become a regular thing and every day we are together, she starts out by eating my pussy, while I tell her shes a fucking cunt lapper, my little fucking whore, shes my piece of ass, shes a pussy licking bitch and the one that always makes her cum, shes a cock sucking little whore, only good for fucking. Like I said, she loves to be degraded, when we are shopping or just out, I always pull her skirt up and grab her snatch, make her eat me in the movies and the best is, twice Ive fucked her in a changing room, with an audience, who, with very little encouragement, will make comments about what a whore she is.

We had this special bench made, its just the right hight for me to strap her on it and be able to stand up and fuck her brains out. There is also stirrups by her head that I can stand on and have her eat my pussy, or my new thing, cock. I brought my brother and his friend into the picture, when I have her tied to the bench. I make her blow both of them, while I fuck her, and of course, she has to swallow their cum and the friend has taken to fucking me, while I fuck Elaine. The best part is we have done this about fifteen times so far and Elaine wont look at either one of the guys, even though she takes to their cocks, like a duck to water. I also just stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv found out that a /lesbian/lesbian-club/">lesbian club in the city is going to have a live sex show and Elaine doesnt know it yet, but she is going to be buck naked, eating my pussy, in front of a live audience filled with horny woman.