BUOYO - Safe Swim Vest

Jenny Bergstrand
28 Jul 2011
1. Swimmer in Distress 
2. Activates the Bladder 
3. Signals for Help 
4. Swims to Safety
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Buoyo is designed to satisfy the swimmers contradicting needs; unhindered swimming when wanted and buoyancy when needed. The solution is a compact and light to wear neoprene vest which can be inflated to provide buoyancy to the swimmer when in distress.

Buoyo is the swimmers equivalent to the cyclist helmet. A product that must feel non-existent wearing it and can save your life while using it. Buoyo is the product you wear just in case.

Most parents mistakenly believe they will be able to see their child signal for help when in trouble. But a drowning person might first be identified when he stops moving and starts to sink and then it can be too late. Two thirds of all children drowned, did so while people were close by and one in tenth of them drowned right before the eyes of their parents. So despite being close to land, despite being under lifeguard and parental supervision and despite being able to swim, children still drown.

The swimmer often relies on his own ability to provide buoyancy and when this fails he rely on others. The swimmer chooses this over personal flotation devices. Such devices limit and degrade the water experience. The swimmer has to choose between poor safety or a poor swimming experience. Buoyo will change this. When needed, Buoyo provides the swimmer with the buoyancy necessary to keep the head above water when in distress. This enables the swimmer to signal for help and/or swim to safety.

Buoyo is a complementary safety product for swimmers when swimming lessons, supervision and preventive bathing guidelines are not enough. Buoyo can save lives as well as prevent children from being mentally and/or physically disabled due to surviving drowning accidents. Buoyo gives swimmers the extra safety without compromising the wonderful experience it is to freely move, swim and dive around in the water.

Buoyo is targeted at children who know how to swim from the age of five and up. The overall concept can easily be extended to cover all swimmers by adjusting the size, bladder volume and design. The vest shown is especially suited for boys.

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