Unlike me, you are you

Karoline Birkedal Thomsen
13 Jun 2011
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I believe that fashion is the incarnation of modern norms and values. It is a strive towards something new and not yet seen. A proposal on communicating values and constantly reflecting upon the awareness of oneself as an individual. Within the framework of this graduation project – my masters degree in fashion design I wanted to use my abilities gained during the past 9 semesters, to research on the use of functionality within the urban sportswear culture. I have based parts of my project on early hip hop culture from the 1980’s in order to have a solid framework to build my silhouettes and attitudes upon. I personally strongly believe that you can add communicating functions to a piece of clothing and I have used this final project to research on how function can equal identity within fashion.

When choosing my topic I have been aware of my personal strengths and abilities. One of my main interest within design has and still is fashion as communication. Design without targeted communication makes little sense too me. Communication is an incorporated value that one as a designer gives the designs we create. The street wear culture work excessively with values and attitudes – and in times where critics say that “Fashion is dead” (Edelkoort, L. 2010, Arken Museum of Contemporary Art) I find it fascinating to explore the influences of casual wear.

I refer to this collection as an urban streetwear collection, with this I mean that I have made a collection that can complement everyday apparel on different occasions. The materials are not typical sportswear, high teck materials but materials chosen from a long lasting, durable, functional and sustainable perspective. There is a strong trend in todays fashion world that moves us towards more functionality and less conformity. Street wear in the context of communication between people and attitude interest me and especially how functionality can underline and emphasize your personality.

“If it isn’t functional it isn’t beautiful” (Charles Eames)