Dorothee Mainka
28 Jan 2014
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Luminale 2012, MA ”Spatial Communication”, University of Applied Sciences Mainz, “resonate”, Mastergroup,

The stage for the installation, in the context of the light festival Luminale, is inside the hull of a container boat, located close to the Holbeinsteg in the city centre of Frankfurt. The ship acts as the foundation for an interactive experience in a space, light, and sound installation.
The 40 meter long interior of a container ship becomes an interactive light and sound display. A glowing string structure is floating inside the steel hull and generates atmospheric sounds and images. With the help of digital LED light and sound the visitors experience this space as an interactive three-dimensional spatial composition.

The resonate installation consists of eight “interactive objects” which are connected to the boat -- which serves as their resonance chamber -- with more than five kilometers of strings via a metal ring. The eight interactive objects serve as interfaces for the visitors, who can pluck the strings to interact with resonate and to influence the sound and light waves.
As in a string instrument, the strings were strung rather tightly; all objects had to be anchored to the floor properly in order to hold up against the tensile forces of the strings. The weight of the objects was increased with the help of sandbags. The elliptic surface of the interactive objects consists of a 15mm diffuse Plexiglas pane. Two hundred video-compatible Capix LED lights were installed a little below this pane. Speakers and the control unit for the LED lights are integrated into the objects. The metal ring above the objects, which diverts the cords to the frames of the resonating chamber of the ship, also works as a pickup. Two vibration sensors are attached to each metal ring. They convert the analog signal of the plucking into digital signals.