Julie Lykke Nyholm
16 Feb 2017
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This project is all about the tension between furniture and spacial design and the meeting and interaction with humans.
I was interested in making a design proposal which was both a room and a seating furniture. The construction i wanted to be simpel but still interesting for the eye when sitting.
There should be an element which made the user want dwell for a while and not have the need to do anything.

I worked for quit a while with an inner and an outer constuction to define the seating furniture and the space surrounding it.
To make the furniture a one off piece i worked with the idea of to people sitting together to make it a unique experience every time. If the object had more than one sitting side the users could together turn the object to the side they want to use.

My design proposal is a 6 sided object with 2 sitting options. The construction is simpel but because of the displacements of the slatters, the light and shadows makes a pattern which after my opinion gives the object complexity.