InstaLock - The Intelligent Bicycle Lock
13 Oct 2013
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The InstaLock is an advanced bicycle cable lock, with a two meter long retractable steel cable inside. What separates the InstaLock from current bicycle locking solutions, is that it's an intelligent security system.
The system is connected to the steel cable via a circuit threaded into the cable. In the case of an attempt to cut over the cable, the InstaLock will set off an audio≠visual alarm sequence, and meanwhile notify the owner of the bicycle via his or her smartphone. This will enable both the owner and people near the bicycle to quickly take action and avoid the bike from being stolen. To further enhance the InstaLock's security system, there is also a motion sensor and a GPS≠tracker inside the InstaLock, which will detect any movement of the bike. If movement of the bike continues, the same alarm sequence and owner notification will set off. The InstaLock is attached to the frame of the bicycle with a bracket, that is either mounted to the bike's bottle≠cage mounting holes or with straps. The InstaLock is meant to be “permanently” attached to the bicycle's frame, so it's always quick and easy to use, but it is easily detached when that is needed.

Why is it needed?
As of today, bicycles parked around in urban environments are, unfortunately, still prone to get stolen. Even though they are carefully locked up, with both wheels and frame chained to a steel bar with a very robust lock, it's just a matter of having a large enough chain cutter to break the lock. InstaLock aims to deal with this ongoing issue with it's intelligent security system described above. Having this added dimension of security leads to a more preventive and adaptive locking solution, that discourage thieves and gives the bicycle owner an added overview and peace of mind. Furthermore, the InstaLock deals with the inconvenient, cumbersome and time consuming operation, that characterize current solutions for properly locking up a bicycle.
The quick and easy operation of locking and unlocking a bike with the InstaLock is further explained on page 5.

Who is it aimed for?
The InstaLock is aimed at bicycle users with midrange to high≠end bicycles, that they park and lock up in city/urban areas on a daily basis. They seek an easier and quicker solution for locking up their bicycle, that still provide a premium level of security. They are willing to accept a high price tag for quality accessories and state of the art equipment for their bicycle.