A new car for a new era

Lau Futtrup Rasmussen
In collaboration with
21 Jul 2011
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This car is not trying to imitate current cars, but trying to solve the enviromental and traffical problems of the future, while retaining the emotional appeal of the car itself.

In order to take full advantage of the space when parking, the car has an array of small wheels placed perpendicular to the larger wheels (similar to the Honda U3-X personal mobility device), which allows the car to drive sideways making it possible to park in a space inches larger than the car. An added bonus to this technology is that a u-turn is a thing of the past, since the front wheels can be set to drive left and the rear wheel set to drive right making the car spin round its own axis. Once parked the door opening mechanism also takes up a minimal amount of space while still providing a generous opening.

Besides all the practical features, the car also utilizes its three-wheel setup to enable carving in the bends. The idea behind the carving-technology is to move the center of gravity towards the inside of the bend making the car more stable, just like a bicycle. Besides stabilizing the car while turning, the carving principle represents a new type of driving pleasure, since an electric car doesn't have the familiar features linked with the joy of driving (engine noise for example).

The project was made with industrial designer Emil Thomsen Schmidt