ASM scenography ss13

Line Falk
24 Aug 2012
Moodboard 1: The Postapocalyptic Beach
Moodboard 2: Death by Barbie
Moodboard 3: Welcome to the Coney Island Ghetto Decay
Moodboard 4: A watery World
Moodboard 5: Dusty, Sandy & Ashy
Moodboard 6: Color Autism
Moodboard 7: Beach Beast
Moodboard 8: Belongings left Behind
Moodboard 9: Peeling Off
Venue research: Tap 2 map
Venue reseach: Location investigation. Chatting with Fod and Simon, the bosses of the venue.
Catwalk testing; getting an impression of length and width and which boundaries the scenography has.
Catwalk testing: Rasmus showing Rebecca how it's done.
Collection research: fabrics, colors and patterns
A translation into interior surfaces
Model experiments; the carcasses of an old beach town in icecreamy colors.
Tactility and color experiments: a sand-like look.
Tactility and light experiments; Immitating paint peeling off an old wall - which I would have loved to mount on the backdrop. We just needed it to be produced with fireproof paper, which is expensive and almost impossible to find in Denmark.
Sketch of backdrop
Sketch of backdrop
Sketch of backdrop. This is the look I'm going for if we can't find the fireproof paper.
1:1 Experiments
1:1 Experiments with spray.
1:1 Experiments with the paint peeling-look-
Research: real sand, fake sand or anything that gives a dusty, old impression.
The greatest assistent Cecilie Veneda experimenting with a quick way to mount the 'paint-peels' in larger portions in case we find the right paper.
Painting 22 big plates and 15 smaller ones. Thanks to Cæcilie, Kim and Benjamin.
A plan for the set-up.
My fantastic musclemen Benjamin and Toke putting framework on the plates.
I'm handling the smaller plates.
We're packing the car and Piotr has to drive 2 times with the trailer because of the huge load. I'm mounting tape on the back of the plates to avoid any splinter damage to the black backdrop at the venue.
Piotr, Rasmus, Lau, Toke and Benjamin makes a great builder-team. Couldn't have done shit without them. And also thanks for lending me tools.
We need a lift to adjust the inner plates - they have no cross braces to hold them in position.
The so-called 'crack' is spread in the air ; )
Briefing Sacha about the finale.
Ready more than an hour before show start.
Thanks to Sacha Maric for the beautiful finale pictures.
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Scenography for Anne Sofie Madsen ss 13 Cherrilee. A postapocalyptic beach town.