I wear you out

Lisoka Våglund
26 Jun 2011
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I wear you out is a menswear collection, consisting of 8 silhouettes. The title of the project refers to the garments’ actual shelf life: each garment is meant to be worn out and not thrown away because of fast-changing trends. Parts of the collection are made in echological fabrics and some off the knittwear are made by the handcraft cooperative Chola in Bolivia that work under fair trade conditions.
Who is he?
Someone that is aware of his surroundings and wants to be seen in it.
By designing a timeless collection I want to encourage the wearer to take an individual choice and make a statement;
-Fashion design are silhouettes that are long lasting.
-Ecological fabrics shouldn't be a 'nice' alternative it should be a natural ingredience in everyones wardarobe.

The colours are mainly from within a greyscale that has been gently added to with earthy shades. Some of the fabrics almost appear used, and some of them have been. Each silhoutte has its own combination of glossy fabrics and heavier woven ones; a few have details in suede or hand-painted silk linings.

My objective has been to define my idiom as a creator and fashion designer. The starting point was made up of three artists, whose work I fused and translated into my own design through the consciousness of coincidental meanings combined with precision and recognition.
I’m proud to pressent I wear you out.