Nikolaj Effert Jonassen
23 May 2011
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This model was developed as a part of a workshop with Ben & Sebastian in the fall of 2010.
The assignment was to come up with an idea to increase the quality of life in a dense city, and then redo it 5 times.
Inspired by the film by Lars Von Trier and Jørgen Leth " De Fem Benspænd." [The Five Obstructions].
The Third obstruction was this workshop, where we were only allowed to develop our project in models for 3 weeks.
This model ended the series, which was very much about activating the urban facade, making it possible for the citizens to climb onto to it, and researching this new interaction between the people occupying the walls and the dwellers in their most private settings.
The wooden 1:20 model has been digitalized as a stopmotion film.
"Mulde" aka Kasper Sandager Mikkelsen composed the music as a response to the video.