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Inspirationsbrochure 2017

24. January 2018 - 12:22

Inspirationsbruchuren for Cube Design A/S i 2017 er udarbejdet af mig og Louise Jespersen fra marketingafdelingen.

8 weeks project

6. December 2017 - 13:37

Alexander Wang is one of my favorite designers.
His innovative way of thinking and creating avantgarde and urban design is a big inspiration to me.


6. December 2017 - 12:36

This project is a design collaboration doing my final exam at TEKO. My case was to design a May express collection SS/15 based on their bestselling styles and shapes. I designed a print, an embroidery and a lasercut pattern for the collection.

Vibro-Flex Re-design concept, based on BID

2. June 2017 - 11:16

This is a conceptual design for Kongskilde who were asking for new ideas concerning their field tines.
The concept is developed based on the bio inspired design approach.

Customer Decision Journeys for Jabra Sound

1. June 2017 - 14:09

Assisting Jabra in discovering new potential markets for their headphones

Travel balance ball

28. May 2017 - 13:46

A project to nurture my drawing and sketching abilities, with the aim to accommodate a balancing ball and plank for travel.

Scrap-Savonius Wind Turbine basic design manual

26. May 2017 - 15:31

A Vertical Axis Wind Trubine (VAWT) designed based on basic mechanic ideas inspired by the car and the Savonius principle.
Materials intended are recycled or scrapmetal available in developing countries.

INTERZONE / A/W 2017 / AP Degree Exam / 4th semester

12. March 2017 - 23:36

On my AP Degree education at VIA Design (TEKO), I was taught how to work as a design assistant at a brand.

I LOST YOU / A/W 2017 / BA Degree / 5th semester

19. February 2017 - 15:25

My designs for this A/W women's wear collection takes root in the concept of social media. Narrowed down to how people are able to visualize and camouflage/filter their mistakes, in order to protect themselves from outer criticism and judgement.

Wasteland Process

30. November 2016 - 15:59

A project in process, working with waste and value, from a perspective of design activism.

Production Design ; H A M L E T

31. October 2016 - 0:59

Concept design for hamlet./Autumn 2016

Character Design

31. October 2016 - 0:44

School project for character design. Samurai battle scene.(osaka seikei univeristy, animation program)/spring 2016

Process The Naïve Hobbyhorse Said Yes Yes - BA Project

29. October 2016 - 15:12

Design process and experiments of BA project.

MUJI vacuum cleaning robot

19. September 2016 - 11:22

For a small school project I designed a robot vacuum cleaner so it would fit in the MUJI product line.

Stabelstolens hemmeligheder

2. September 2016 - 18:32

Jeg var i projektet optaget af, hvordan vi opfatter og aflæser objekter. Donald A. Norman beskriver et vellykket design ved, at det inviterer brugeren til at udføre bestemte handlinger.

Hvor Er Mine Golfsko?

27. July 2016 - 0:01

Graduation project from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Design School.


26. July 2016 - 20:52

Production Design for the graduation film "Dagny" from The Danish Film School animation department.

Director: Peter Lopes Andersson

De Skyldige

26. July 2016 - 19:22

A complete design concept for a television drama production aimed at Danmarks Radio. Collaboration with The Danish Filmschool.

When I'm alone I'm a rebel // Process, screenshots of costumes and video

11. May 2016 - 14:35

An intuitive project. Do what you really want, not what you feel you should do because of the norm. Follow your instincts. The rebel you can be when you're alone.

FSC - En generøs stol

3. May 2016 - 0:45

Design i FSC certificeret træ, med mulighed for at lave den på et værksted med enkelt værktøj/maskiner.


16. February 2016 - 17:59

Edibles was a project on designing an app that could assist food clubs in organizing dinners while being aware of allergies and suggesting appropriate recipes.


16. February 2016 - 15:46

AirCare was a project on data visualization, with the case of communicating indoor environment data to a user through an app. The task was to communicate a complex set of data as simple as possible at the right time on different platforms.


16. February 2016 - 15:24

Inmood was the design of an in ear EEG controlled app that could determine an control the environment to suit you best.


16. February 2016 - 15:07

Goldmember was an app for a smartwatch storing membership cards for the user. The idea was the the app should only notify the user when inside a store where the user had a membership or giftcard for.

Physio - A rehabilitation app for physiotherapist patients

16. February 2016 - 14:45

Working with UX and UI for an mobile app for physiotherapist patients, guiding their exercises and helping them to follow their progression.

New Era

17. October 2015 - 12:14

What happens when our addictive consumer behavior pollute our homes ?
Do we change our behavior when the consequenses is personal and not ‘only’ environmental?

Fjällräven Store

14. September 2015 - 16:11

Interior and decorating assignment.
The brand store of the Swedish brand Fjällräven in Aarhus, Denmark.

Brand Identity

8. August 2015 - 13:00

My thesis project, wich I finished in June 2014, is called "Brand Identitet" - in English: Brand Identity.


3. August 2015 - 14:40

Ruby Bike is my take on a new, flexible and intelligent type of everyday bicycle.

Tekstillaboratorium - Afgangsprojekt

23. June 2015 - 10:05

Tekstillaborattoriet er et miljø for tekstiludvikling og –eksponering, og spiller en rolle som livgivende element i Carlsbergområdet -en bydel under forandring.

HANDLE with care

22. June 2015 - 15:11

HANDLE with care is a handheld communication device designed to reduce fear of dental treatment in patients.

Designed in collaboration with:
B&O Medicom
dinTANDLÆGE Lund Wittorff
Lægerne Vase, Juhl og Hansen


22. June 2015 - 14:51

Redistribution solution aimed for the system of German marked leader Call A Bike.
Implemented in different German cities e.g. in Hamburg as StadtRAD Hamburg.


25. January 2015 - 16:33

Exhibition design for "What Makes a Home?" at The National Gallery of Denmark - an exhibition for children that invites all visitors to smell, touch and reflect on all the things that make a home.

OP Chair

10. December 2014 - 10:07

– Icon Chair

Hvid stol inspireret af design ikonet Poul Kjærholm


13. November 2014 - 21:32

Design a maritime event in Elsinore, Denmark.


13. November 2014 - 20:53

Design a concept for Europe Union conference for development of tourism in Denmark

Ørestadslampen får ny skærm

5. November 2014 - 9:46

Midlertidige lampeskærme, prydede i sommeren 2011 Sivegaden i Ørestad´s lygtestandere.
Lampeskærmene er designet og udført af Illumenarts i samarbejde med designerne Silla Herbst og Anne Lundsfryd.

Samarbejdspartner: By & Havn


29. October 2014 - 10:16

Made var Kunstakademiets Designskoles udstilling på Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014. Jeg var en del af projektgruppen, der var ansvarlige for standdesign, fundraising, webdesign, PR, grafisk design, logistik mm.

The X-Me Collection

29. October 2014 - 0:13

The X-Me Collection är ett koncept utvecklat från frågeställningen “Varför saknar nordisk formgivning möbelornament?”.

The Stretch Me Chair

27. October 2014 - 23:14

StretchMe is a chair thats about stretching the rules of construction and function for a classical stick-chair according to the danish type.