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212 lookbook

25. November 2015 - 0:24

BA Exam project.

Inspiration in the term of Avant-Garde and the fiction world of dystopia.
I have worked with elements of urban street and nomads.

New Era

17. October 2015 - 12:14

What happens when our addictive consumer behavior pollute our homes ?
Do we change our behavior when the consequenses is personal and not ‘only’ environmental?

New Old Nordic - Sidetable

3. September 2015 - 21:25

New Old Nordic is my bachelorproject. In the project I investigated the following question:

New Old Nordic - Sofa

3. September 2015 - 21:01

New Old Nordic is my bachelorproject. In the project I investigated the following question:


7. April 2015 - 19:45

Spa Shop Kurhotel Skodsborg

In Our Nature

6. August 2014 - 1:21

Furnitures is a part of our way of living and shows our behavior, we furnish our lives with them and live in-between them.


29. June 2014 - 15:44

Rocking chair in steel tube and ash wood.


21. February 2014 - 18:12

For more information visit


2. February 2014 - 22:20

Classic briefcase made from vegetable tanned cow leather

Gombold ujra!

2. February 2014 - 22:11

This project was made for a fashion competition in Hungarian traditions and cultural values.
The main inspiration was the aesthetics of the traditional horse equipments.


17. December 2013 - 16:06

Brief // In this interdisciplinary project, industrial, fashion and textile designers collaborated with Ecco on making a shoe collection. The theme was “the wild” and “the mild”.

Ecco Shoes - Wild & Mild

27. November 2013 - 13:24

The task was to create a wild and a mild shoe for Ecco together with a collection proposal. the wild shoe would be more of an art piece and the mild a more commercial shoe ready for the shops.


8. October 2013 - 19:29

The Mourning Shoe Collection is an attempt to work with the shoe as an accesory and to create a tangible connection to the deceased ones, in a beautiful an aesthetic way. - A physical reminiscence.

Offcut Pouf

11. March 2013 - 20:58

Every year, millions of tons of textiles ends up in landfills. Textiles from clothing rejected by retailers because of flaws or they’ve missed the season. Leftovers after cutting a shirt-pattern.

Hardened Leather Chair

18. February 2013 - 20:05

Hardened Leather Chair is made with an old technique for hardening leather in a 100% natural way.The technique has been used for corsets and armours, and is now being used as self-supported upholstery for a dining chair.


28. February 2012 - 22:27

Pet er en skrivepult med plads til opbevaring af skriveartikler.


10. January 2012 - 20:30

Development and Design - The Morocco Project

Toddler Toys

8. January 2012 - 17:05

Toys for teething toddlers. These toys are for children in the age 4-12 mouth. At that age children need something to rub their gums and the spiked bag of the crocodile does that to perfection.


29. October 2011 - 18:19

Ecco Shoe is a project made in collaboration with Danish shoe giant, Ecco.

While analyzing the brand we found the need for more daring shoe wear for a growing customer segment for them: younger women.
- we took it as far as we could.

HEAVY LOADED BUT STILL FLYING - Tommy Hilfiger Student Award

17. September 2011 - 10:34

The winning projekt made for the Tommy Hilfiger student award.

Tales 2010

13. September 2011 - 20:05

”She built herself up as if she was a scaffold, while she tried to fill out the big space.” is the title of this shoe. In this design I consider the shoe as an instrument – a tool to straighten up, grow on and become more important.

Private vs. Public Space

13. June 2011 - 14:53

My bachelor project from The Danish Designschool, department Fashion.


31. May 2011 - 21:12

Our mission is to get in contact with an alternative intelligence

The Greatest show on earth

18. April 2011 - 21:53

Follow my graduation project here...