lærke Marie Valum
31 Aug 2016
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Project for the exhibition FAN OUT#3 during Copenhagen Fashion week august 2016.
Final silhuettes and sketches.

Description from the exhibition:
Lærke Valum holds a master in fashion from Kolding School of Design in womenswear. Lærke Valum uses space and shape in her silhouettes to create a space around the body with a more minimalistic approach. Parallel with this she works more decorative with embroidery. Lærke Valum has emerged the two approaches and the outcome is a playful and contrast full “industrial” look. She likes to tell stories through her design and uses fashion to create a visualization of her different worlds.
Lærke Valum has furthermore a unique and playful approach when creating clothes. Her work process is an extensive process with a very investigative approach. She makes sketches in 3D to create the space; “My process is driven by intuition and experimental work directly in different materials. I combine sketching in 3d collages with draping in different scales, sewing samples and technical pattern cutting”. With this project Lærke Valum’s inspiration comes from motorcross, flying Japanese toy robots, He-man and old flower paintings and focuses on a feeling of movement It is a project that continually moves and will develop from here.